Moss Wall Tips & Ideas

Moss walls have gained so much popularity over the years and if you have been eyeing this style, then keep reading for more tips that we have gathered for you.

Moss paintings

With the help of moss painting panels, you can easily replace conventional paintings and create a more lively atmosphere in your spaces. Moss paintings are so versatile and can be incorporated in the living room or even your bedrooms. This will see you satisfy your craving for natural greenery even indoors. In addition to that, creating your own moss painting panels is quite easy, all you need is a quality frame, mesh and dried moss.

Room dividers

If you consider simple room dividers to be a bit boring, then you can choose the moss room dividers. They are unique, stylish and it is a great way of incorporating natural beauty to your home when separating very large rooms.

Huge moss walls

If you are not shy from making a statement in your home, you go ahead and embrace that huge moss wall. Get creative with the wall and play around with different designs and patterns that moss has to offer to create that striking look.

Faux walls

In case you would like to add some greenery to your home without adding the actual moss, you can use faux greenery which requires minimal effort to care for.

More tips to consider

  • Pair the moss with colorful accents
  • You can use moss for green wall signage
  • Pairing moss with a dark themed room adds a pop of color to it

Amazing Interior Design Blogs to Follow

If your friends are rich, you must have seen how their houses are well decorated with modern interior designs and furniture. Additionally, you must have visited a stunning hotel lobby that caught your eyes instantly. Well, everything that you saw that attracted you at the time is the work of professional interior designers. If you would want to have your home decorated in the same way, it is either you hire a professional interior designer or visit interior design blog posts for inspiration. The latter always makes the best choice especially for someone on a budget.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment therapy tops our list today. This is because it has recorded the most visitors this year for its ability to retain a sense of community. It is entirely pictorial, and its main feature is house tours. Here, you will also get practical decorating tips that you would use for your home.

Abigael Ahern

Abigael is the founder of Abigael Ahern, and the blogs look as dramatic as her creations when it comes to interior designing. The blogs are intimate and they contain everything that you would want to know about interior trends and tricks that you would apply during the trade.

Bodie and Fou

It is considered to be a purely clean blog created by Karine Candice. Candice is French, but she lives in London. She uses her blogs to inspire her readers by providing them with ways to design their interiors without necessarily having to hire a professional for the job.


Tylko is particularly popular for providing readers with blogs that help readers choose the right furniture for their houses. Besides inspiring the readers through blogs, Tylko is also responsible for making sure that quality furniture has been supplied to interested readers. The good thing about their furniture is that it is made of high-quality European wood:

Coco + Kelley

This blog was created and launched in 2007 by Cassandra. The blog has grown from this type by providing users with methods of handling DIY projects. It has also majored in entertainment and the provision of travel stories. You will also find quality pictures of interior designs by going through her blogs.

Wit & Delight

Wit & Delight is a blog created by Kate Arends, who is also an interior design consultant. The blog is famous for not only covering what to consider when creating the best indoor environment but for also covering personal style and motherhood.

Scandinavian Interior Design Tips for Furniture and Decorations

Elements of a Scandinavian interior design include craftsmanship, simplicity, and functionality. Most of the designs favour natural materials like wood, wool textiles, and glass. The majority of the styles have a minimalistic appearance. Choosing the best Scandinavian furniture and decorations for your home is important. Below are the basic characteristic and elements that you should consider when making your selection.

Light fixtures and functional items

High-quality craftsmanship which is a tradition in Scandinavian interior design requires one to invest in practical pieces. The functional items and light fixtures you select should have a striking and modern look at the same time maintaining simplicity. However, it doesn’t mean you compromise on style. It is possible to decorate ordinary items and turn them into functional and stunning pieces. With plenty of light fixtures with incredible features in the market, you can be sure to get one that will add warmth and elegance to your home.


Scandinavian furniture is practical and minimalistic that is why solid wood is used to craft furniture items like tables and chairs. Natural materials like linen and leather are used to complement the wood surfaces. Functionality is a crucial element for any Scandinavian furniture design. For more details check out Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design provided on this link:

Incorporate natural elements

Scandinavian style is more about appreciating nature and natural resources. Sculptural pieces and items made of wood are a great way of bringing nature inside your home. You can make storage spaces with wood and coat them with smooth painting for a calm and soothing effect. Use sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Natural upholstery and textiles such as sheepskin, linen, wool, mohair, and more make the best dripping on furniture.

Neutral colours

When choosing a colour for Scandinavian interior design think of a pallet of nature like wood, stone, and earth with a pop of cool bright colour. A neutral colour scheme provides a sophisticated and simple look. A great backdrop accentuates furniture pieces providing a good contrast. Add plants to get bold and bright colours to make the room look alive. You can also choose natural art to create a good monochromatic colour story. White space with clean lines provides a sense of calmness. For almost a century, Scandinavian design has been an influence on interior designers and architects. The style is still popular today. The design emphasizes open spaces with visual elements and enough room for moving around.